Introducing the Spartan Water Chiller for cold plunge - the best cold plunge chiller for your recovery routine.

The best water chiller for ice baths trusted by pro athletes and entrepreneurs that upgraded their recovery routines. The ice bath water chiller helps you get the water temp to 39 without any ice.

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  • spartan ice bath review

    Mia C. - Buellton

    "This ice bath is a perfect size, easy to use, clean, set up, and is not intimidating. Its well built and doesn't cost $2500. Highly recommend this tub to everyone looking to get into ice baths especially athletes."

  • spartan water chiller

    Alex W. - Poplarville

    "Works amazingly in Florida heat. It needs to be kept in the shady area. I run it 24 hours a day 55 with no issues. I hope to upgrade when i get into my permanent home."

  • spartan wifi chiller

    Matt S. - Fort Lauderdale

    "I've been incorporating the spatan max into my morning routine for a couple of months now. It's replaced my coffee, my tea, and even my breakfast, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The pod has become an essential part of my daily ritual, and I absolutely love it."